Kudos to CNN for covering a politically incorrect story

A Heapin' Plate of Conservative Politics & Religion

By Tom Quiner

Certain stories tend to be off limits to the mainstream media (MSM).

One of those is bad behavior by gay activists who raise buckets of money for Obama.

One such story just broke. Homosexual activist, Terry Bean, was arrested last week for sexually abusing a fifteen year old boy. Mr. Bean founded the Human Rights Campaign and raised a cool half a million dollars for Barack Obama’s reelection campaign in 2012.

Big news, right?

Wrong. As of last week, the big three MSM networks had failed to cover the story. However, CNN did cover it.

In light of my previous post today, CNN deserves credit for taking on this politically-incorrect story. CNN’s Victor Blackwell reported:

A gay rights activist and vocal supporter of President Obama has been indicted on sex crimes. Sixty-six-year-old Terry Bean was arrested last week on charges of sexual abuse related to a 15-year-old…

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